Video: James Blunt If Time Is All I Have

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Letra de la canción: James Blunt If Time Is All I Have

When you wake up turn your radio on
And you'll hear the simplest song
That I made up, that I made up for you
When you're driving turn your radio up
'cause I can't sing loud enough
... these days to get my message trough

If time is all I have I'll waste it all on you
Each day I'll turning back it's what the broken heart ...
... talking to an empty space
A silence is keeping me awake

When you marry and you look around
I'll be somewhere in that crowd torn up that it isn't me
When you're older and the memories fade
And the heart still feels the same for as long as I live


Want you say my name… one time… please
Just say my name

Ref. 2x

Want you say my name when the song is over
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