Video: Moby James Bond theme

Artista: Moby
Video: James Bond theme

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Letra de la canción: Moby James Bond theme

(includes lyrics from "bring the noize" by public enemy)
(this changes from show to show, but it's usually along these lines)

Now let it lift you, oh!

one love will
one love will
one love can take you make you feel alive and whole

why give it up why tear it up

one love will
my love will
my love will make you feel alive enough to let go

the death row
once again you feel like the brothers know
once again, back is the incredible
the rhyme animal
the unforgetable d
public enemy number one
five-oh said "freeze" and I got numb
can't I tell 'em that I really never had a gun
but the wax that the terminator x spun

so soft
so alive
my dear
so good
so close
so real

this love

whoa love!

wanna give it up
lets turn it loose

(sample) "bond, james bond."