Video: David Guetta Delirious

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Letra de la canción: David Guetta Delirious

Seems to me like the days are getting longer
For everyone there's no fun when there's no time to sleep
Working on and on, for a day in the sun
Counting down the days to it stops (yeah)

Can you hear us?
Watch the sun on my skin
And the world that I'm in
Makes me delirious
Can you hear us?
With a smile on my face
From afar to complete
Become delirious!

Take me away make me a holiday!

Under the sun I feel I'm getting stronger
Time to rewind my mind and recharge my batteries
'Cause it takes so long
And too soon it's gone
Holding back the days to my reality
Take me away, make me a holiday
Take me away, make me a holiday

(Chorus x3)
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