Video: Flyleaf Fully Alive

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Letra de la canción: Flyleaf Fully Alive

Telling Layla's story spoken
'bout how all her bones are broken
Hammers fall on all the pieces
Two months in the cover creases

Here she stands today
In her briliant shining way

Fully alive
More than most
Ready to smile and love life
Fully alive
And she knows
how to believe in futures

All my complains shrink to nothing
I'm ashamed of all my somethings
She's glad for one day of comfort
Only because she has suffered

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  • Jimy: hola soy de bolivia y me encanta todas las canciones flyleaf es padrisimo
  • Eloparamore: flyleaf son un grupo super the best me gustan todas sus rolas. gritas bien chido!! aguanten a flyleaf!!!!