Video: Nelly ft. Ciara & Jermaine - Step On My Jays

Artista: Nelly
Featuring: Ciara & Jermaine
Video: Step On My Jays

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Letra de la canción: Nelly ft. Ciara & Jermaine - Step On My Jays

[J. Dupri]


[J. Dupri]
Uh haha

Uh Uh Listen

[J. Dupri]
Ya\'ll know what this is

Let\'s Go
We used to ditch school and head straight up to the mall
Just so we can be the first ones with em on
Returned to school by lunchtime, like \"Nigga what now?\"
And today we in the club like, \"Nigga, what now?\"
Ya better look down
Cuz Uh
I know you see em
[J. Dupri]
Say what?
I know you see em
[J. Dupri]
Say what?
I know you see em
[J. Dupri]
I paid
1000 for the jeans
[J. Dupri]
I paid
200 for the shoes
and uh
Fuck a shirt, I\'ma rock dez tatoos
You see my fitted mayne
I represent da crib
cuz even at the crib
I represent the crib
[J. Dupri]
I pop my grill in
[J. Dupri]
and I
might let my chain hang
[J. Dupri]
and I
might wrap my wrist, dang
[J. Dupri]
Go on derrty do the damn thang
I get em free
[J. Dupri]
say what
but I pay, and if I want I rock a different Yurr of J\'s E\'rrday
A different style, different color is a must
But uh
It\'s all good until I get my first scuff and i\'m like
I-I-I see you lil\' Daddy you look sexy with them j\'s on
I pull up in the drop, step out with them thangs on
i got me the black and pink and leather with the green matching with the skinny jeans off with the shades
i know you see me [see me]
my jeams be
paparazzi i might stop and take a picture in em
yeah, we be fresh every day
and if youre lookin for me daddy you can find me in the A
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  • Andy Reyes: algo bn mi jaina
  • Andy Reyes: algo bn mi ciara se la rifa
  • Omarin Wayne: its very very good
  • Kooke Kaziwapo: q cool ss
  • Vianey Bermudez: hola a TODIOS.
  • Edita Obono Nsue: hola el video espectacular de hecho ciara es mi fans numero uno,la quiero mucho
  • Fany: esta super pedre el video todos los videos de nelly son geniales soy de saltillo coah saludos a todos
  • Paul: este video esta muy bueno pero creo que ciara esta muy buena al igual que fergi que viva el hip hop
  • Daniel: el video es muy bueno me gusto muchisimo y me gusta como canta nelly
  • Maurice: para la combinacíon (ciara y nelly), pudieron haberlo hecho mejor, me quedo con el single anterior con fergie: party people!!