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Letra de la canción: Mel Jade Hollywood

Off the grid, off the rails
Off the charts and off the trail
That is where we are, shining like stars
We're not lost and we're not done
Living life and we're having fun
We don't need no dreams, we dream in reality

We don't want to fit in and we don't need to stand out
Welcome to paradise, real life
We're all grown up now and we have no doubt
We're gonna stay young, we've just begun
'Cause this is our Hollywood, Hollywood
Hollywood, Hollywood
Hollywood, Hollywood

Bright like gold and new neon,
Like a spotlight and platinum blonde
That's just who we are, even in the dark
We don't care and we don't fall,
In Hollywood, we have it all
We're like kings and queens, living like a fantasy


See us chillin' in the hills or on the boulevard,
Every where we go they're like 'ah', like 'ah'
But we don't even care, we don't look back, don't need no one
Baby they can talk like 'blah blah blah blah blah', like 'blah blah blah'
Don't need anything to validate us, no we're cool
Everywhere we go they're like 'ooh', like 'ooh'
But we don't even notice, no, cause we don't need the boost
Baby let them watch like 'woowoo woowoo woo', like 'woowoo woo'


We made it. We made it. We made it...