Video: Bankroll Mafia ft. T.i. - Bankrolls On Deck

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Letra de la canción: Bankroll Mafia ft. T.i. - Bankrolls On Deck

[Hook: TI]
Man we got big bankrolls on deck
We the bankroll mob
Bankroll, no check, bankrolls on God
Got big bankrolls on deck
We the bankroll mob
Bankrolls on deck, bankrolls on deck
We the bankroll mob

[Verse 1: TI]
Get the mils in the bank, get the racks on person
50 to 75 at a time, on purpose
Shittin' in the hood with the GATs on person
If a nigga out of line the .45 go to squirtin'
And I ain't fuckin' around, am I?
I'ma probably about the hardest ever out of Atlanta
It's a ring of real niggas, got the game in the slang
Nine out of ten, it's my homeboy number

[Verse 2: Young Thug]
I told my ho back up, oh shit, don't need no beotch
I get on beats and talk my shit just like a beotch
Ho you a beotch, girl you a beotch
Bae you a beotch
Forever I love Atlanta like a FILA
I pull up in Houston, hit stickmatic Eli
I might get caught up with lots of guns like TI
I don't want your ho, I want your honey like a beehive
I don't want your ho, I want your honey like a beehive

[Hook: TI]

[Verse 3: Shad da God]
Barrels bustin' out Balmain
Plain hundreds, they like Jane
Bitch I'm out in these streets like a Reindeer
Your ho not gonna stutter my name
She actually gone say that shit clear
You know I drive lows, pimpin' in her ear
Make the lil' ho do a split like a check
Then I lost it like police in my rear
I can put this on God
(?) get smoked like some dope in (?)
Dope in the (?), lots of dope in the (?)
Lots of dope in the (?)
Who is drinkin'? I need oil with me
Jigga, Thug, gotta pay lawyer fees
Bitch we really with the trap and the reef'
Too much cheese, got that Mac all on me

[Hook: TI]

[Verse 4: TI]
The trap went left while we stayin' down with it
While you bullshit, we the one playin' around with it
Keep a nigga wouldn't walk around with a 50 in the clip
I ain't even need to stand around with it
And I demand all 50, states in the states, everybody ride with me
For you to go to Queens probably gotta call 50
When I'm in the pizzeria and I got it all with me
What the fuck you thought little ho? Got big bankrolls on deck
Break a quarter mil just to blow, put fee and dough on that

[Verse 5: Young Thug]
Brush a nigga standin' on the block, got a whole bunch of pills in the sack
And they blue dolphins, pussy nigga playin', he left in the coffin
I been jumped off my momma porch
And I go crazy when bored
Give education like Du Bois
Cliff, I'm a bloody little dog
12 inches in her like a yard
Big bankroll without fraud
These little niggas not makin' any noise

[Hook: TI]

[Outro: PeeWee Roscoe]