Video: Ludacris Beast Mode (Explicit)

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Letra de la canción: Ludacris Beast Mode (Explicit)

[Verse 1]
Uh, if rappers want it, they can get it
Flow tighter than four fat b*tches sittin' in a Civic
My flows are unimaginable, Hannibal Lecter sh*t
Eatin' emcees for breakfast, b*tch
Since I was born to touch the mic
The first time it's been a problem
Your life was a mistake
Your pops should've wore a c*ndom
You n*ggas think you hard
I think you better come harder (Go hard)
I leave rappers confused like s not a great look
A verse'll make your fans unfriend you on Facebook
Cl*ck, my styles are goin' into labor
So if stars won a war I'm their daddy like Darth Vader
And since I'm always high, it's kind of hard to overlook me
For over a hundred stacks, it's kind of hard to overbook me
And a whole ‘nother house for my cars is on my checklist
Cause to fit ‘em in one garage is like a n*gga playin' Tetris
But they say patience is a virtue
Cause I got your b*tch stayin' out way past her curfew
Guess I was a thief that got away with these words
Slangin' ch*ckens out my whip like I been playin' Angry Birds
In a black Rolls Royce, Dark Knight like Batman
Everywhere you turn, the Ghost follows like Pac-Man
And I sleep with the John Dillinger
And always keep an eye half-open like Forest Whitaker
No, you boys ain't ready for combat
Be more worried if I renew my Def Jam contract
What path is he on? Opponents, I laugh and be gone
They handin' in the towels like they work in Bed, Bath & Beyond
But in the midst of all the melee
Y'all n*ggas just b*tches with d*cks like Sheneneh
Your rap styles are phony, your lines are just dead
And I be on them lines like a n*gga just played
Guess I'm tryin' to say I'm advanced, you intermediate
You wouldn't know the real me if your b*tch Wikipedia'd it
Just know that I never tried to be hard
Probably cause Mr. Glock 40's my security guard
You'll get chopped like judo
G*ngs in my hood make you reverse
And change your color like the block's playin' Uno
And, yes, some of my friends is still sellin' them drugs
But I just say they Weight Watchers like Jennifer Hud
They show me love
That's why I'll always stay reppin' until the death of me
Rappers talk sh*t, but ain't nobody ever stepped to me
I hereby command all my fans' to inject it
Overdose on Red Bull in your veins if you ever slept on me
Yeah, my mind is sharper than a guillotine
All the nines extended from the knuckles of Wolverine
Not a X-Man, but, man, I got that X
I'm on my hardest, switch labels, but I still get a cheque
The more albums they sell, the more we all win
And I can be seen in thirty rocks like Alec Baldwin
Or watchin' CBS in a Cadillac DTS
I plan to reach the world, man, your plan is MetroPCS
I changed my music up cause I was gettin' bored
You may not like the way I shoot, but my points go on the board
My name still engrained and these books will be the outcome
And this one verse is harder than a lot of n*ggas' albums