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Letra de la canción: Fekky Let It Go

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[Verse 1]
Yeah, It's hard to let it go
It's like they put me in a buggy and just let it roll
I said I do it for my niggas, I'mma let 'em know
And if they put me on the stage, I'mma steal the show
It's like some things were meant to be
I swear to God, I'mma take what's meant for me (trust me)
All this drama got me fucked up mentally
If it ain't money then it don't make sense to me
They hatin' now, but these niggas were ahead of me
Enemies their friend, and your friend is your enemy
Gun shot, give a nigga [?] sentence
He ain't on my level, so don't try pretend to be
Yeah, you're thinkin' bitches and cars
I'm thinkin' business and yards, villas in France
I ain't seen my pops in a while
But he knows I'm cool, cause he knows his child
You know me, I keep it one hundred
I was raised in the dungeon
I was out here pushin' them onions
No I'm doin' shows, for thousands and hundreds
Couple niggas gone, couple niggas locked up
Couple niggas man used to rate, getting boxed up (shame)
Yeah, I think it's time I make that big decision
Before I kill or be killed or end up in prison
I'm from a place where, they don't play fair
Yeah, nothin' good to say when you ain't there
There were hate on yours, cause it ain't theirs
Oi mate, do I look like a day care?
I been fighting these daemons for ten years
Tryna make a mil, these dreams and these nightmares
Picture me, MIA in a mansion
Then picture me, yeah, missing in action
Fuck it, these niggas are distractions
More time their not on it when you catch 'em
Fekky, so as the days go by I just wanna live life
I promised mum I won't die
Still roll with that 'ting on my [?]
Fell paranoid cause these niggas might try
Tryna reach for the skies
Since seven years old I've been [?] like a fly
Fekky, stunt all white, make your bitch fake [?] when a nigga roll by
Yeah, fire in the booth had my phone poppin' off, I thought somebody dies (perfect)
Kill me, somebody tried
But, when I caught them they said somebody tried, Fekky
Don't ever doubt my team dog, they will back it
[?] real dirty, real ratchet

It's like that man
Same shit, different [?]