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Letra de la canción: Future Coupe

This my environment
You can see this whip that I'm driving, this my environment
I'm going crazy, so crazy, need a psychiatrist
These bitches come out in groups
Chuck out the deuce, I know you ready to get loose
We in the coupe, coupe, coupe, what you in?
Coupe, coupe, coupe
Coupe, coupe, coupe
Coupe, coupe, coupe

[Verse 1]
I'm in that four door, I got that Glock in the roof
I'm living proof, I rock that turbo that turbo I hit my boost
Pick up your four, you got hoes looking like mermaids
You in another one that was not that was not the one from yesterday
You went colossal your posture is very awesome
Gotta get arrogant nigga when I'm here flossin'
You can't be showing no love to big booty freaks
She love the way that my doors open for my Lamborghini
Can't let them jack you for rapping nigga ‘cause we done seen it
When you survive and you make it you gotta know the meaning
This is your lifestyle for life, nigga you no longer dreaming
I forgot about my ceiling


[Verse 2]
I'm with some [?] I turn the corner so fast, I almost crashed
I'm in that V-12 Engine, I hit the gas
We on that ‘93 smoking that good supreme
I got some kingpins waiting, run through my genes
We in the race car whips, that's my genetics
I made my money through flipping, and I don't sweat it
I'm ‘bout to spend me some chips, I won't regret it
I put in weight from the deck, I'm driving reckless
You can't be hacking the player, you get a penalty (that's a no)
I get to dozing off in the coupe off promethazine
You put a turbo next to a turbo, that's royalty
Represent loyalty