Video: Vali ft. Wiz Khalifa - Dimes

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Letra de la canción: Vali ft. Wiz Khalifa - Dimes

Look at what I'm rockin'
I be on my grind

I got a pocket, pocket full of dimes
Look at all I'm rockin'
I be on my grind
Look at what I'm rockin'
I be on my grind

[Verse 1 - Vali]
Pocket full of dimes, yeah right
Yeah, look at all my friends
And I don't share
I've been hustlin' since I was 10
?, if you wanna roll with me
I'm the dime on the ground
With a pocket full of greed

Rockin' all the diamonds
See, and all the Rose
No, it ain't a problem
Ain't gonna do what the bars say
Baby, I can show you how to shut it down
Tens all around


[Verse 2 - Wiz Khalifa]
20s, 50s, hundreds
You can get it when you want it
I'mma hit it like I'm drummin'
You gon' feel it in your stomach
In my city, I'm the one
And if you did it, then I done it
All my niggas gettin' money
Let me in it, you gon' love it
I know a dime piece named Vali
My crib out in the Valley
My kush come from the Bali
My car just came from the valet
I got tons of friends
I got tons ends
I just hit the bank, I brought it all to spend
And that bad bitch, you see mine
So don't pat me down in that line


[Bridge - Wiz Khalifa]
Pocket full of dimes
Still on change-up
Look at what I'm rockin'
Make you wanna change up
Pour another drink
Weed goin' up

[Breakdown - Vali]
If I leave with you ?
Baby, you can't complain
Oh no, no no
Things I do
Something you can't explain
I bet you feel some kind of way