Video: Kylie Minogue It's No Secret

Artista: Kylie Minogue
Video: It's No Secret
Album: Kylie

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Letra de la canción: Kylie Minogue It's No Secret

[x4:] It's no secret [echoed]

When I first met you
How you changed my life that day
But when each tomorrow
You just seem to drift away

Then I discovered
That you were cheating
You were cheating on me
But I was the last to know
Ooh, ooh

Our love was a lie
And it's no secret
It's no secret
How you hurt me inside
And it's no secret
Because you told everybody

Didn't I really love you
You know I gave you all my heart
When I put my arms around you
I never thought we'd ever part
Ooh, ooh

Then I discovered
I guess you couldn't love me
Like you said you love me
Ohh, no
Why was I the last to know


All of my life
I was looking for someone
Just like you
You shattered my dreams
Tore me apart
What can I do

(You were cheating)
(You were cheating on me)
But I was the last to know

[repeat & fade]